“Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature, it will nurture your mind, body and soul” – Douglas Williams

Green Walks

A Green walk isMindful walking in nature’

To take a mindful walk in nature is to open up your senses of vision, hearing, smell and touch to the surrounding environment. Green walks (sometimes also known as eco-therapy) can improve mental, emotional and physical well-being.

The UK mental health organisation Mind carried out research, which indicated that 71% of people reported a decrease in depression after a green walk compared to 22% reporting an increase in feelings of depression after an urban walk.

To take a Green walk is to be active in body, mind and soul through your senses and to become one with your immediate environment. At the Green re-Treat, you may engage in many forms of eco-therapy:

  • Going for Green walks along the banks of the River Barrow or Grand Canal
  • Relaxing in a hammock under huge willow trees
  • Listening to the joyful sounds of birds going about their business
  • Bird watching (you might spot a kingfisher)
  • Watching wild life in its natural environment (you might see an otter, swans, a heron, kingfisher or even a sparrowhawk).
  • Watching the ever-changing formations of clouds in the sky
  • Fishing in the River Barrow or Grand Canal (bring own equipment)
  • Listen to a variety of calm, mindful or meditative music (equipped with CD player)

Become one with nature by listening, seeing, smelling and feeling the living environment around you.

Bring your wellies, rain coat and suntan lotion (positive thinking!)

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