“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same” – Anne Frank

Your Green re-Treat Experience

The Green re-Treat provides a unique space in which to step away from the clutter of your everyday world and to devote quality time dealing with the challenges, questions and obstacles in your life. It is a private, safe, non-judgmental and supportive environment.

The Retreat offers a combination of therapy, discovering yourself and being yourself.

Your five-day experience runs from Sunday afternoon until Friday afternoon.

Day One – Arrive (from 4.00pm), check in and explore your surroundings. A light meal will be available, as will a selection of breakfast items for Monday morning. Settle in and begin to relax.

Day Two – Get up whenever you feel like it, and after you have had your breakfast you will have the first of your daily one-hour sessions of Talk Therapy.  The session will take place in your living room so you do not have to leave your accommodation.  After our therapy session you can give me your list of grocery requirements.  Groceries will be bought and delivered to you before lunch time each day. 

Day Three to Five – After your morning therapy session, you can relax in whichever way you like. Guidance is available on eco-therapy meditation, mindfullness, art & Music  therapy.  You are invited to bring those novels, magazines, hobbies and crafts that you haven’t had time or energy to pursue.  It is all about taking time out from your usual life.

You can spend the entire day in bed, listening to music or reading, or you can wear your dressing gown or pyjamas for the entire week should you feel like it. It’s completely up to you.

Final Day: Therapy overview – Check out time 4pm.

Various forms of massage, reflexology or energy treatments can be arranged in consultation with your host.  Guided tours of historical, cultural and places of interest in the area are also available.

*Treatments & guided tours are not inclusive of the package price.

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